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Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabrics are widely used in production of different types of workwear. Depending on its structure and fibers (cotton, wool, synthetic etc.) which have been used in its production, the ready materials have a different set of unique characteristics.

Common features of knitted fabrics are

  • strength and durability;
    • don’t burn;
    • don’t melt
    • protect from burns caused by open flame and / or electric arc;
  • softness and elasticity;
  • crease-resistance and keeping the shape of the original form;
  • keeping its characteristics after multiple wet treatment or dry cleaning;
  • air circulation etc.

Made of technical knitted fabric workwear has a list of undeniable advantages including resistance to thermal shock, high moisture, mechanical and chemical impacts, microorganisms and mold. In addition such garments are comfortable in use and easy to care for.

Order knitted fabric for workwear from reliable suppliers

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