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The requirement in purchasing of the materials for workwear production is determined by the necessity of providing personnel protection against hazards of the working environment.  The advantage of offered technical textile materials is a combination of unique exploitation characteristics, which are specifically developed for solving problems in different conditions of their application. It means that solutions with all possible variants of blended natural and synthetic fibers are widely in demand in a variety of spheres of activity.

For example, main requirements for special heat-resistant workwear are:

  • Materials must be safe for health
  • Must provide protection against several disadvantages (fire, downfall, cold and hot weather, radiation…)
  • Must not burn
  • Must not melt
  • Must have a high hygroscopicity
  • Must have a high resistance to wear
  • Should be aesthetic and modern
  • Should be functional, i.e. ensure normal operation

Wide range of high-tech materials for various purposes

This section of the catalog of the company «WHITEX ENGINEERING LLP» presents the assortment of technical fabrics, which are available for order by anyone in the right options at a reasonable price. All products are characterized by compliance with current norms and standards, having individual properties and features, which based on a type and proportion of threads in the composition.

Here you will find textile materials which provide protection against low/high temperatures, mechanical impact, toxic/ non-toxic substances, water and oil products in different exploitation conditions.

If necessary the specialists from «WHITEX ENGINEERING LLP» can provide qualified consultation about the selection of proper material. We operate as one team, we guarantee prompt fulfillment of any order and professional service at each step of cooperation.

Choose and order fabrics for workwear from us. We will not let down You and Your Client!