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There is a wide range of fabrics and knitted fabrics for manufacturers of special clothing in WHITEX ENGINEERING’s catalogue that you can purchase in any desired quantities and at reasonable prices. We offer materials from reliable and approved suppliers, competent use of which will provide staff protection against harmful external factors as well as other applications.

The usability of the fabric for the manufacture of a particular workwear defines its following properties:

  • Physical-mechanical;
  • Protective;
  • Hygienic.

The selection of material for particular profession is primarily based on the combination of protective and comfortable properties of appropriate clothes. Also it should take into account the characteristics of the finished products as well as other factors.

Modern special clothing has to combine:

  • High protective properties, providing protection against:
    • mechanical effects and industrial pollution for workers of various professions;
    • high temperatures for firefighters, engineers, oil workers, workers of the gas industry;
    • low temperatures for divers, security guards, geologists, emergency workers, etc.
  • Durability
  • Convenience in daily wear and ease of care
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Ecological compatibility

This combination of consumer qualities of modern special clothing is provided through competent design, construction, passing a standard test, etc., but primarily these qualities are determined by the properties of materials that meet the following requirements: wear resistance, durability, functionality, practicality, washing instructions, drying, recycling, hygiene, resistance dyes, lack of pilling, air permeability, hygroscopicity, etc.

It is convenient and profitable to order technical and knitted fabrics for the workwear.

To purchase materials for work clothes in "WHITEX ENGINEERING LLP" means to make a choice in favor of reliable high-quality material for sewing functionality and durable clothes. Here you will find the only actual solutions with the possibility of selecting options for the various purposes and conditions of their application.

Key features of the presented products are:

  • Increased strength characteristics;
  • Resistance to external factors;
  • Resistance to various chemicals;
  • Biological neutrality;
  • Convenient handling and care.

To receive qualified help in selection of the best materials among the variety of  presented materials please contact our specialists. Place orders for all necessary materials with us.