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Only reliable materials for the most important work

Workwear which has been made of correctly selected materials provides the required protection level of personnel against negative external factors in any working conditions.

Professional decisions for wide range of tasks and conditions

Company «WHITEX ENGINEERING LLP» offers the materials which were designed to perform impeccably in all the functions assigned to them and produced by experienced and reliable manufacturers.

Selection of a specialist to meet your requirements

Order the materials for production of practical and durable workwear for a variety of purposes from us

Only reliable materials for the most important work
Professional decisions for wide range of tasks and conditions
Selection of a specialist to meet your requirements

4 advantages

Uncompromising quality and the widest range of materials
Responsible high-quality support of orders
Competent selection of materials for specific requests and needs
Convenient terms of payment and delivery of fabrics


Welcome to the website of WHITEX ENGINEERING LLP.

Dear friends, if you need to buy fabrics for production of protective clothing from trusted and reliable manufacturers you are in the right place. On these pages you can find the goods that meet all the requirements of the EU and also international and Russian standards. High working properties are achieved through the advanced technology and high-grade raw materials. For all customers it means first assurance of quality, durability and reliability of protective clothing that provide the most effective use in various industries and the national economy. Expert opinion, selection, recommendation, procurement – are our main advantages in implementing a complex approach for regular supply to a workwear manufacturer.

An invitation to cooperation

We propose to go to the new quality standard making appropriate solutions available to a wide range of customers. At your requests our specialists will help you to make optimal decisions regarding the correct textile assortment of leading manufacturers. You will get the materials that can provide you with all required tasks and functions: from providing the best possible comfort while working to meet all the necessary requirements of the corporate style of your clients.

Our specialization:

  • Technical fabrics of various articles and assignments
  • Knitted fabrics in a wide variety of performance

If necessary our specialists will help you not only to make optimal solutions for the specific needs and requests based on your individual preferences and wishes, but also to determine the technical possibility of execution of your ideas. We appreciate long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers and customers and we are always grateful to each new client of our company. We are open to dialogue and we work for you!